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Who do you care for when you care? I take care... I need to be taken care of.

"MATERNAR" It is a contemporary dance selected to compete in the 2023 National Dance Award based on the study of movement with the premise of the instinct of care. 

​Director and Choreography: Daniela Urias
Interpreters:  Paula Ornelas, Karina Loeza and Daniela Urias 
Costume: Cristina Saucedo  
Scenography and Art Direction: Larisa Arce and Guadalupe Ballesteros
Scenic Production: Sonia Juarez
Lighting: Sara Alcantar
Music: Eusebio Sánchez
Photographers: Gabino  
BTS Photographer: Larisa Arce  
Multimedia: Gonzalo Jacobo
Graphic Identity: Edgar Ludert  

The sculpture Mama by Louise Bourgeois was a strong inspiration for MATERNAR, in the process of achieving the scenography we experimented with different textiles and fabrics to build the world around them. 314 meters of fabric were used to create the scenery that would come to life along with the performers.

BTS from MATERNAR at the National Dance Award


MATERNAR BTS by Larisa Arce
Film: Cinestill 400D / IlfordHP5
Contax G1 45mm / 28mm 

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